The best of the 4 famous generals during the warring states period. He's good with machines and mechanics and has great courage. Said to be a cut above the rest and great at adapting. He produces miracles and shocks the world. The best war god.

Ouyang Shuo gained him after the success on the battle map: Battle of Changping.

Name: Baiqi (God rank) ch-281

Title: Asura

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Shanhai City General

Occupation: Special rank general

Loyalty: 75

Command: 98

Force: 90

Intelligence: 85

Politics: 45

Specialty: Annihilation in war: Raise troops morale by 40%; Hot pursuit: Raise troops movement speed by 30%; Field fortification: Raise troops Defence by 20%; Adapting to the enemy: Raise troops killing ability by 25%

Cultivation Method: Killing Sword sword technique

Equipment: Heavy type Qin Sword

Evaluation: The best of the 4 famous generals during the warring states, good with machines and mechanics, great courage, a cut above the rest, great at adapting, produces miracles, shocks the world, the best war god.

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