There are a total of four sections in the Trading Program (Platform) located in the display of the small wooden building, which is a part of the Basic Market.

Material Trading Platform Edit

This particular platform allows Lord Players to purchase/obtain valuable resources like food, wood and iron ores as well as clothes and salt.

However, weapons and armor and other military supplies were prohibited items and could not be sold.

[Chapter 7]

A unit of grain(food) - 10 Coppers

A unit of wood - 20 Coppers

A unit of iron ore - 100 Coppers

[Chapter 26]

A roll of linen - 10 silver coins

A roll of fine silk - 50 silver coins

[Chapter 27]

A unit of barrel (fire oil) - 1 sliver coin

Special Items Platform Edit

This platform is further divided into four categories, namely: Architectural Drawings, Articles Manufacturing, Skill Books, and Others.

Architectural (Construction) Drawings Edit

This category offers basic, intermediate, advanced and premium sets.

They are crucial as if one has the drawings to a building, for example a brothel's building construction drawings, then one will be able to build it in a village even though it was normally a third level county building.

However, most high-level building plans are expensive.

Articles Manufacturing & Technical Manuals Edit

This category sells Technology & Manufacturing manuals that are critical if one wishes to have a specialized industry so as to gain an advantage over other Lord Players.

By owning a particular technology and/or formula, one is able to make specific items and start an industry using special conditional manufacturing technology advances.

For example, a master class winemaker could, in theory, brew a variety of advanced drinks. But, in fact, he has no way to brew a specific advanced liquor as he doesn't possess the confidential formulas and/or technology to produce the liquor and thus, his skill becomes useless.

Skill Books Edit

This category contains all the professional skills, and some special ones on top of those. However, there are only skills books for Players and NPCs can only learn them through being mentored by Players.

Others Edit

This category sells items that vary, and thus, all kinds of strange items could appear. Therefore, luck is an important factor if one wishes to purchase anything in this category.

Current Known Item(s) Found to be Sold: Edit

Name: Mazu God Statue (Broken)

Grade: Silver Grade

Evaluation:This is a broken Mazu idol, with a weak trace of the Mazu god powers. A long period of veneration will be necessary to restore the statue.

Properties: Sea god's blessing (Maritime navigation to survive storms increased by 40%)

Limited Time Auction Platform Edit


Negotiate Cooperation Platform Edit


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