The 3rd BattleEdit

The 3rd battle map statred with this annoucment "System notification: 100 cities have been successfully upgraded in the Chinese region, initiating the 3rd battle map, the Battle of Changping, which will start in 3 days. Please look forward to it. Friendly reminder: Only territories city grade and above can participate." The was followed by a challenge "Di Chen: Qiyue Wuyi, during the Battle of Changping, the Yanhuang Alliance will choose the camp of Zhao Country, will Shanhai Alliance accept our battle and go against us?"

Battle Contribution PointsEdit

  • 1st: Qiyue Wuyi- 350 thousand
  • 2nd: Di Chen- 150 thousand
  • 3rd: Bai Hua- 120 thousand
  • 4th: Zhan Lang- 100 thousand
  • 5th: Feng Qiuhuang- 85 thousand
  • 6th: Chun Shenjun- 55 thousand
  • 7th: Xunlong Dianxue- 50 thousand
  • 8th: Mulan Yue- 45 thousand
  • 9th: Xiong Ba- 30 thousand
  • 10th: Feng Qingyang- 25 thousand
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