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209 BC, twelve years after Qin Shihuang took over the entirety of China, the internal court experienced internal conflicts, throwing the country into chaos. With the original noble families of the six counties as the core, the rebellion army and the Qin Dynasty army started an all out war around the nation.

“208 BC, the main force of both sides gathered around Julu City, undergoing a huge battle that would decide their fates. This battle ended in a victory for the rebellion. The fourth battle map—the Battle of Julu.

Battle Contribution Points Edit

  • 1st: Qiyue Wuyi- 684,000
  • 2nd: Zhan Lang - 235,000
  • 3rd- Feng Qiuhuang- 228,000
  • 4th: Bai Hua- 225,000
  • 5th: Di Chen- 154,000
  • 6th: Xiong Ba- 85,000
  • 7th: Chun Shenjun- 84,500
  • 8th: Xunlong Dianxue- 75,200
  • 9th: Caiyun Zinan- 72,500
  • 10th: Gong Chengshi- 72,000
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