Gaia Calander, First Year, Seventh Month, Thirteenth Day, the battle of Muye's storyline was announced. “System announcement: In the year 1044 BC, the Shang army main force is still far away in the east, causing the lack of army garrisoned in Zhao Ge. King Wu of Zhou used up whatever resources he had to raise an army. Then, he led his army crossing the Yellow River at Meng Jin early and joined his allies. Together, they declared war against the ruthless Emperor of Shang, Di Xin. They charged straight into Muye, and the battle ended with the defeat of Di Xin and his death. The second epic battle map―Battle of Muye, officially begins!” - Chapter 199, The World Online.


The Battle of Muye was the second battle announced for The World Online. Announced on the First Year, Seventh Month, Tenth Day, it was triggered by Xunlong Dianxue upon being the tenth lord territory to successfully upgrade to a County.

The Battle of Muye involved the Zhou (King Di Xin of Zhou) and Shang (King Wu of Zhou).

The Battle of Muye had a massive player size, heavily contested among players. The player count reached 805 while the soldier count peaked at 102,000. In the Zhou Dynasty, there were 480 players and 60,000 soldiers. Meanwhile, in the Shang Dynasty there consisted of 325 players and a soldier count of 42,000.

Notable Players in Attendance

Battle Contribution Points

1st Qiyue Wuyi 240,000 points

2nd Bai Hua 55,000 points

3rd Feng Qiuhuang 50,000 points

4th Mulan Yue 45,000 points

5th Xunlong Dianxue 42,000 points

6th Di Chen 40,000 points

7th Siege Lion 32,000 points

8tth ?? 30,000 points

9th Hua Huo 25,000 points

10th Chun Shen Jun 15,000 points

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