Battle of Zhuolu Edit

The Battle of Zhuolu was the battle between the forces of the Yellow and Flame Emperors against the forces of the rebelling Chiyou Tribe.

Battle of Muye Edit

The Battle of Muye featured the arrogant Shang Emperor sending off a majority of his forces and losing much power to face off against the rebelling Zhou armies. The Shang Dynasty in this battle is at a great disadvantage.

Battle of Changping Edit

The Battle of Changping was a battle set in the Warring States Period. This battle pitted the Qin against the Zhao. With the "Asura" Baiqi as head general, it resulted in a one-sided slaughter for the Qin.

Battle of Julu Edit

The Battle of Julu was the battle that made Xiang Yu famous; it was the most well-known piece in <Shiji>.

Zhang Han had just destroyed the main Chu Army force. Liu Bang had split his troops to go toward the west. Only Xiang Yu and his remaining few men were left. Giving it their all, they destroyed the hundred thousand Qin forces that Wang Li headed. They also destroyed the two hundred thousand troops Zhang Han led.

Xiang Yu killed Su Jiao, captured Wang Li, made Zhang Han surrender, and totally turned the face of the battle. Xiang Yu pulled the rebel army from the borders of death and pushed them toward victory.

During this battle, many of the Qin Country's main force died.

Battle of Mobei Edit

119 BC, after the Monan and Hexi Battles, although Xiongnu led his troops to mobei, they kept on attacking the northern prefecture of the Han Dynasty. They were trying to bait Xiongu’s troops over the desert. Emperor Wu of Han sent General Wei Qing and General Huo Qubing to each lead fifty thousand men, separating into two groups to enter Mobei to destroy the main force of Xiongnu. He also gathered one hundred thousand infantry and many horses to act as logistical support.

This battle was a strategic attack by the Han Dynasty against Xiongnu, and it was also Xiongnu Chan Yu’s fight for coexistence against West Han. In the end, the Han Army achieved complete victory. The 5th battle map, Battle of Mobei, officially begins!

Battle of Red Cliff Edit

Gaia 3rd year, 8th month, 28th day, 9 AM, a system notification sounded out.

"System notification: 208 A.D., 13th year of Jian An, Sun Quan, Liu Bei alliance army broke the Cao Cao army in the Battle of Red Cliff, forming the basis of the formation of the Three Kingdoms. Sun Liu alliance army used fire to destroy their troops, Cao Cao went back north, Sun and Liu each took a portion of Jingzhou - Battle of Red Cliff, officially begins!"