Beihai Bay Treasure Map Edit

<Beihai Bay Treasure Map> (3/3) : According to the legends, Beihai Bay once gave birth to a very famous pirate, Blood Slaughterer. After the death of Blood Slaughterer, his tremendous fortune gained from looting also disappeared.

Rumors said that before his death, Blood Slaughterer had hidden his fortunes on a deserted island. He jotted down the position of the island onto a map and split it into three. He gave one piece each to his three trusted subordinates.

After his death, his three subordinates tried to snatch the other two parts of the map from their former brother-in-arms. Day after day, year after year, the infighting eventually led to the fall of the famous group of Blood Slaughterer pirates. In the end, none of them could defeat each other, and they all died in depression. They left behind the treasure map pieces to their heirs.

Hundreds of years later, the treasure map pieces shifted from one hand to another, which caused countless tremendous tragedies over the years.

Regrettably, not a single person could gather all three treasure map pieces and find the treasures of Blood Slaughterer. As time went by, another rumor sparked, which said that the treasure maps were only Blood Slaughterer’s wicked ploy to provoke a war between the pirates. Such a conjecture was reasonable given Blood Slaughterer’s personality as a maniac killer.

Slowly and gradually, the truth behind the treasure map sank deep into the river of history. No one even believed the rumors of Blood Slaughterer anymore, and the treasure map pieces became items of collections. No one ever fought for it.

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