Chen Da Meng was a brute that was built unusually burly. He was 195 centimeters in height with bulging muscles. His body was comparable to that of a human-sized fierce beast.

Do not just look at his large size, which might make him look stupid. One could not underestimate his Bajiquan.

Before he came to Shanhai City, he was a hunter, and his life depended on his hunts. Apart from a sickly little brother, he had no other family members.

To treat his brother's illness, he had entered deep into the forests to fight tigers, leopards, and wolves. In his homeland, he was a relative famous as a fellow who could fight anything.

When he came to Shanhai City, he entered the Bajiquan dojo and became a disciple under Lin Yue. Who knew that this guy, who looked burly and stupid, would actually possess a super strong comprehension, and his understanding of fist techniques shocked even Lin Yue.

Lin Yue paid attention to him for three months and decided to accept him as a direct disciple, teaching him the essence of Bajiquan.

With that, his martial art skills skyrocketed.

Chen Da Meng loved fist techniques. A pair of fists, who knew how many heroes and soldiers had died under it. With one fist, he could even down a cow.

Apart from fist techniques, the only weapon he knew how to use was a dagger. Hence, he could only fight on the ground and not on a horse.

After he learned everything, Chen Da Meng followed his elder disciples and chose to join the military.

Chen Da Meng was the captain of Royal 200 guards and also his closest bodyguard.

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