Chixiao Sword Edit

Previouly just a god rank sword, Ouyang Shuo upgrade it to become the second Country weapon chapter 1137.

Name: Chixiao Sword (God Rank)

Type: country weapon

Hardness: 95+5 (Max hardness, cannot be destroyed)

Sharpness: 85+2

Toughness: 88+2

Specialty: Blade Breaker (when the hardness of the opposing weapon is lower than the Chixiao Sword's, chance to directly break it). Unique, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded.

Specialty: Way of the Emperor (raises prestige of Lord by 30%, raises attraction to historical figures by 20%)

Country Fate: Imposing (raises movement speed of participating troops in China by 20%, raises battle contribution point value by 5%) Note: country fate buff only lasts during the country war month.

Evaluation: Chixiao Sword—a sword that reflects the Way of the Emperor, forged from iron, recorded in books as Chi Xiao, it is three feet in length. The weapon of ancestor Liu Bang, a crimson sword created during the uprising. The sword body copied the style of Qin Swords, with engraved patterns.

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