One of the first refugees that came to Shanhai Village. Er Wazi was a shepherd, only eleven years old, very skinny and underfed, and also an orphan.

At first he was personal servant of Ouyang Shuo and a member of Lord's Manor, later Cui Yingyu was responsible for him. During that time both of them grew close and he became like a brother to her. Because of that he was adopted into Lord's family at the end of Chapter 217 and was given a name Cui Tianqi.

Dongli Sword Sect Edit

Because he wanted to train martial arts Ouyang Shuo gave him permission to join Dongli Sword Sect. He was taken in by Song Jia as her direct disciple. He quickly became one of the best disciplies in the sect getting respect of other disciplies.

When he mastered the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique he has lost the ability to smile.

Shadow Guards Edit

After the establishment of Shadow Guards he became garrison officer.

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