Cultivation Realm is a new feature of the 6th update.

A person's ability could be roughly split into internal cultivation, moves, and equipment. After removing the equipment stats, the cultivation method would decide one's ability.

Gaia would officially release the cultivation realm after analyzing the player cultivation situation.

Currently, there were acquired and innate levels, and each was split into nine. One being the lowest and nine being the highest. Each three stages had a bottleneck.

After the 9th stage of the acquired level would be the 1st stage of the innate level, which was another huge gap.

If a martial artist could break open the Ren and Du meridians, merging these two Ying and Yang meridians, one would reach the innate level.

Innate level experts could merge the Ying and Yang energy in their body, controlling temperature and hardness. Their internal energy would be brimming, and they could also directly connect with external energy to accumulate energy to cultivate at a shocking speed. Only then could one reach a level where acquired level experts were unable to reach.

Legends had it that when one was still a baby in the womb, one's blood and flesh were pure. Not only was the Ren and Du medians opened, but even the other meridians and veins were unblocked. The entire body became a full cycle of rotation, which was the innate level. After one was born and breathed in external air, these meridians naturally shut. Additionally, with bad food, one's blood and body would not be so pure anymore, going from innate level to acquired level.

The cultivation process was to remove all these impurities and get back to the innate level.

Based on Gaia's analysis, above the innate level, there should be an even higher celestial rank. However, due to limited data, it could not predict what it would be.

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