The Currency of The World Online is quite simple. It's split into three stages of coin currency:

  • Copper Coins are the first and most basic coin, these are mostly used to buy food and other everyday items. The most common form of currency found in small villages.
  • Silver Coins are the second coin, these coins are mostly used to start basic construction tasks such as a small courtyard. It's unspecified how many Silver Coins are required for a building such as this but it requires 100 Copper Coins to make a single Silver Coin.
  • Gold Coins are the last grade of coins, these coins are extremely expensive and it has been stated that residents of villages and some small towns have never even laid eyes on one such coin. Gold Coins are extremely valuable and as such, usually, the player type with the majority of these coins would be the Lord players. These coins are used for big construction tasks, purchasing equipment, buying a bulk amount of supplies, and upgrading troops to the next stage as a Lord player. A single Gold Coin requires 100 Silver Coins and weigh 20 grams each.

There are also additional types of currency created by Lord players for use at their towns or locations with a branch of their treasury/bank. An example of this is the Four Seas Banks' noted currency, this replaces the use of a bulk amount of gold coins. As stated previously, gold coins weigh 20 grams each, some transactions can use one thousand, ten thousand, or even more gold coins, thus, they require a great deal of effort to transport. This is where the notes come in, the Four Seas Bank have Golden Notes in amounts of 10, 20, 50, and 100 gold coins.

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