Sword Sect created by Song Jia in the mountains near the territory of Shanhai. It was created after Qiyue Wuyi gave her a sword and cultivation techniques. The current leader is Li Bai

Location Edit

"What was more amazing was that the lone peak was like it was punched by a giant and only half the peak was left, narrowing at the middle part of the mountain, forming a giant platform." ― description of the peak[[source]]
Sect is located on the mountain platform east from Shanhai City. The platform had more than 10 square kilometers.

The water flowed down from the peak and made a small pond at the foot of the platform. Some water flowed out from the pond creating a small stream flowing down the platform.

Beside the pond was an ancient tree, and with many unknown birds flying around.

Name Edit

Even thought Song Jia is the sect master, she asked Ouyang Shuo to name the sect.

"It's east of a lone peak and looks upon Shanhai City. Why don’t we call it Dongli Sword Sect?" Ouyang Shuo[[source]]

Technique Edit

The principal cultivation method of the sect is the Nine Yin Scripture and the principal Sword technique is Guicang Sword Technique both are emperor rank manuel.

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