New Year's

"System Notice: On the 2nd month 19th day in Gaia is the traditional New Year’s Festival in China. In order to add a festive atmosphere, there will be Spring Festival activities held.

System Announcement: The night of New Year’s, there will be a large number of animals coming from the wilderness and attacking the territories of the players. Every player’s territory will suffer the brutal assault! Those who successfully expel the attacking beasts from their territory will receive a huge reward! Lords, prepare yourselves!" - Announcement from Chapter 61

Earth Online event held every year in Chinese region during Chinese New Year. Lords have to protect their main base from wild animals attacks, trying to get rewards for successfully protecting the base.

Adventurer players outside the city will also be rewarded for killing the beasts, however they need luck to meet them. As the Boss has higher level than the average players, solo players are in great danger.

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