Game Cabin necessary to play Earth Online.

There are different models of game cabins corresponding to different heights and body sizes.

Cabins are full of a half-solid gel, with a human-shaped depression in the middle. After a person lays inside the game cabin it stabilizes the pressure, and then the chamber is sealed with a gentle hiss.

To support long online playing times the nutrient solution tube is connected to the user, usually by stabbing itself into one of the arms. The computer would monitor user condition at all times, and if the body emitted signs of being hungry, it would intelligently begin to start transferring nutrients to keep user alive and well.

"A moment later, there was a rushing feeling, and Ouyang Shuo’s mind left his body, involuntarily being sucked towards a colorful vortex in front of him."

First use of the cabin Edit

The Cabin accesses cyberlink to retrieve customer’s personal identification information and binds them with the customer's identity. To make sure personal identification information is the same as the user inside the cabin, DNA sample is collected and compared with personal information, during the process users might feel a sharp and small stab on the body.

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