Name: Great Xia Vassal (God)

Type: Country Protecting God Weapon.

Stat: Comprehension +5, Bone Structure +5, Luck +10, Charm +10

Specialty: Repress Fortunes (Any Great Xia Dynasty territory is protected by the country protecting God Weapon, directing the power of the dynasty to protect the people, raises border defense by 80%, raises troops combat strength by 50%, raises Capital City defense by 150%, raises overall body quality of civilians by 50%, raises dynasty unity by 50%.)

Specialty: True Dragon Protection (Son of God is protected by the true dragon, untainted by evil, devilish creatures avoid, automatically form a domain. Blades and swords find it hard to hit him and can automatically save its master)

Specialty: Bound item, can be brought out of the game world.

Skill: Dragon Fist of the Son of God (Gather the power of the imperial vassal, accumulating spiritual energy to punch out, splitting oceans, unstoppable. Cooldown Time: One year.)

Evaluation: Country Protecting God Weapon represses the fate and fortune of an entire country; it is an absolute treasure. Unique item, bound, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded, can be upgraded.

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