Di Chen's territory made with a Silver village creation token, in the '​​​​​​'Jingdu Region.

The moment the Battle of Yashan ended, Chun Shenjun's Pill Sun City, Xiong Ba's King City, Zhan Lang's Blood Red City, and Wannan and Ludong Province that were occupied by the Yanhuang Alliance were all merged into Handan City.  With that, Handan City that had just upgraded to Capital City jumped into a giant that owned six provinces. Different from Great Xia occupying Nanjiang, the five provinces that merged into Handan City were all rich lands. Since history, they were the core areas of dynasties, and their importance was far greater than that of Nanjiang. Hence, although they could not compare with Great Xia in terms of land, they were equal in terms of strength and potential. They even exceeded Great Xia in some areas. From Chapter 1043

From Chapter 1049 When Pill Sun City, King City, and Blood Red City merging into Handan City, the entire Handan City military structure was restructured. As the Handan City, Blood Red City, and King City Squadrons were not filled up yet, they were reorganized into two squadrons, the Handan Squadron and the Haizhou Squadron. The army was also greatly changed. Mainly to follow the Great Xia Guards Legion Corps model, they formed an elite palace Guards Legion Corps. Lianpo would act as the marshal of this legion. Next would be to use the territory armies as well as the war prisoners from taking down West Chu and Wannan Province to form three full legion corps. Dantian would lead the Pill Sun legion corps, Wuqi the King legion corps and Xie Xuan the Blood Red legion corps. With that, Handan City had four legion corps for a total of 1.4 million troops. In any country outside of China, they would be an undeniable overlord.

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