Name: Chunjun Sword (God Weapon)

Hardness: 87

Sharpness: 85

Toughness: 84

Specialty: Blade Breaker (May break opposing weapon if hardness is lower than the Chunjun Sword. Unique, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded).

Killing Technique: Water Hibiscus (releases sword energy. Like the light from the stars, formless and unavoidable). Cooldown time: one week.

Evaluation: Chunjun Sword is a unique sword. It has an appearance like a shining star. When looking at it in the light, it seems like water in a pond. The sword is crafted from tin from the mountains, copper from the lakes, thunder from the heavens, and coal that the gods used. It is truly a heavenly sight.

Next, the spirit beast, a Golden Spotted Butterfly that Song Jia caught on the mountain. In order to capture this spirit butterfly that she called Little Gold, Song Jia had stood in the bushes for five days and five nights.

If she did not have the military grains pills supporting her, she definitely would not have survived.

Name: Golden Spotted Butterfly (Spirit Beast)

Level: 68

Specialty: Illusion (can instantly place the enemy into an illusion that lasts for thirty seconds). Cure (stops blood loss and helps to regain strength and energy).

Combat power: 120

Evaluation: The Golden Spotted Butterfly is exquisite and beautiful. The queen of butterflies. Its wings shine with a green light, and it has curved golden green spots on its front. On its back, it has a few golden yellow spots. Its back wings are shaped in a long and sharp manner with a golden speck at the end.

Armed with the Chunjun Sword and the Golden Spotted Butterfly, Song Jia could enter the top 10 among adventure gamemode players. In addition to her Nine Yin Cultivation Technique and her Yuenu Sword Technique, top three was not a dream.

In the hands of NPC disciples like Cui Tianqi, the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique was only based on how well they trained. However, in her hands, it had layers like the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Techniques.

In contrast to the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique of the legends, the one that Gaia created was only an internal cultivation technique. It did not record other martial techniques.

It had nine layers. After tiring cultivation, Song Jia had reached the 5th layer. As for the Yuenu Sword Technique, she had reached the 4th stage—perform with ease.

For Song Jia to have her achievements of today, apart from her talent, focus and diligence were the key. Not many adventure gamemode player could dive deep into the mountains and forests and spend three months there.

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