"Jiang Ziya was the founder of the Qi Empire, King Wen of Zhou’s businessman, and King Wu of Zhou’s head strategist, the top military commander, and the founder of Qi Culture. He was a legendary figure that had greatly influenced ancient China’s military and politics. His place was accepted widely in history books. Confucianism and various cultures acknowledged him as the master of all cultures." - Chapter 199, The World Online.

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Jiang Shang (also known as Jiang Ziya or Tai Gong) served as King Wu of Zhou's Prime Minister throughout the Battle of Muye. He was the King's most trusted confidant, strategist, and general.

He fought with Ouyang Shuo throughout the Battle of Muye until the end where he agreed to come with Ouyang Shuo to Shanhai City in exchange for the peaceful escape of King Wu of Zhou. However, upon reaching Shanhai City, he retired and did not agree to follow the lords' orders.

Jiang Shiang was the writer of a book that Ouyang Shuo obtained earlier in the series called the Liu Tao (Wu Tao Volume).

Evaluation "Taigong ruled a country, establishing culture and rules. Through merchants and crafts, he made fishing and salt common, gathering people from different backgrounds to form a country"

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