"The killing sword was a way of killing and also the way of survival. To kill the enemy, one must first survive." ― idea behind this cultivation method[[source]]
Emperor Rank cultivation method. Ouyang Shuo got it after the Battle of Julu in Chapter 430.

Evaluation: User of the killing blade, the Qin Army wielded the Qin Blade on the battlefield. It is an ultimate technique refined through battle.

It has 7 strokes:

  • 1st, killing life
  • 2nd, killing soldier
  • 3rd, killing sergeant
  • 4th, killing general
  • 5th, killing oneself
  • 6th, killing all life
  • 7th, killing spirits

It has one special move - 100 Miles Slaughter. When this move is used, it will leave no one within 100 miles alive.

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