He was originally a swordsman, but he was schemed against and chased out of his sect. After that he was forced to live in the wilderness and ended up becoming a bandit. He has strong skills and a righteous heart. After he conquered Zhennan Pass, he told his men to not kill any innocent people.

However he got internal injuries that didn't heal and he was afraid that soon he won't be able to control his men. He was worried about his daughter Li Feixue that was born after he became a bandit, and that once he dies, she won't be able to gain a footing in Zhennan Pass and that even her purity would be taken away by the bandits.

After he found the spy from Mulan County and got informations out of him, he thought things over and decided to give up Zhennan Pass to Mulan to protect his daughter. However his plan was discovered and an uprising occurred in the pass during which he was captured together with his daughter.

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