Name: Li Bai (Saint Rank)

Title: Immortal Poet

Dynasty: Tang Dynasty

Identity: Dongli Sword Sect sect master

Occupation: God Rank Swordsman

Loyalty: 75

Bone structure: 20

Comprehension: 20

Luck: 10

Charm: 18

Specialty: Wine Sword Immortal (raises sword dao talents by 80%)

Cultivation method: Qinglian Sword Code (God Rank)

Weapon: Qingping Sword (God Rank)

Evaluation: Given the nickname of Immortal Poet, his brush astonishes the world, and his poems are on another level.

Ouyang Shuo appointed him to be the leader of the Dongli Sword Sect to help the sect to become the top sect in the world and suppress the underworld.

Immortal Poet Li Bai was not only good in the literary department, but he also had really great sword skills. He started liking the sword at 15. Following which, his skills flourished and developed, becoming second in the Tang Dynasty, only lower than Sword Saint Pei Min.

Maybe even Gaia loved him, as Li Bai’s sword techniques were strengthened a second time, becoming an authentic secret manual, making him a true sword master.

Li Bai did not come over to Shanhai City for any name or reputation but to visit a friend. Even so, it was enough to shake the world.

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