With a mysterious origin, Lin Yue was once a famous fighter. Due to residual injuries however, he was forced to leave.

Background Edit

Lin Yue was described as a thirty years old man that was unarmed. He had an evenly spaced face, wide and open under his thick eyebrows, with a pair of shrewd, deep eyes flashing as they looked him over. He had an extremely developed physique, particularly in his shoulders and arms.

He came to Shanhai Village with his younger brother, Lin Yi, as part of a new batch of villagers to settle in Shanhai Village.

Although Lin Yi was eager to serve Ouyang Shuo and Shanhai Village, Lin Yue had a much more reserved atttidute towards Ouyang Shuo, due to his serious injuries.

Thus, he nominated Lin Yi to serve in the military and Ouyang Shuo hinted that Lin Yue could join the martial arts dojo as an instructor.

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