Crystal that can absorb light and turn it into energy.

The lower grade magnetic ohlites are born from the higher-grade ones.

White Edit

Basically a single use item for cultivation, like the spirit stones in Chinese cultivation.

A white magnetic ohlite would probably be equivalent to one hour of cultivation.

Green Edit

Mainstream crystals of Atlantis.

They are used on the high-end technology products and apart from the combat puppet, they can power everything else.

Blue Edit

Rare items, and only the higher ups would own these.

They can power combat puppets.

Purple Edit

Very rare items. Apart from the imperial family, only the elders had the qualifications to have them.

In a year, a purple magnetic ohlite could give birth to 12 blue, 24 green and 48 white crystals.

Gold Edit

Only one crystal exists in Atlantis and it's the protector of the island.

It forms only one purple magnetic ohlite every 10 years.

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