Name: Magnetic Ohlite (Imperial Family Special)

Rank: Purple

Production Place: Atlantis Civilization

Basic Function: Energy Stone (provides energy for special items, can be recharged)

High Grade Function: Birth (purple magnetic ohlite can give birth to a blue magnetic ohlite, 2 green and 4 white every month) (Note: only purple and golden magnetic ohlite have this skill.)

High Grade Function: Aid in Cultivation (purple magnetic ohlite possesses a mysterious power that helps the wearer to focus, raising heir cultivation speed and increasing the formation speed of primordial energy.)

Unique Function: Luck (Imperial family special purple magnetic ohlite, increases basic luck by 4. At the same time, it increases the chance of having fortuitous encounters.)

Evaluation: the golden magnetic ohlite arrived from the heavens, giving birth to the glorious Atlantis Civilization. If used logically, it has many functions, a rare treasure.

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