One of the items from Atlantis.

The puppets had carved patterns on their surface and on the inside; they had complete machine circuits that relied on magnetic ohlites to move.

Combat puppets

100-meter-tall giants with exceptional combat strength and the power to split oceans. Even cannons wouldn't make them budge.

Their biggest weakness is the level of energy expenditure. One blue magnetic ohlite can only sustain a combat puppet for an hour. After which, it would enter hibernation. The other weakness is that their cumbersome bodies and weak cabins are easy targets for enemies.

These puppets are a killing hand, similar to the modern day strategic nuclear device.

Construction puppets

They are usually four to five meters high, however some have even 10 meters.

When building walls, if 10 construction puppets worked together, they could easily accomplish the task. Stone pieces that are problematic for numerous workers, are nothing to them.

Apart from repairing city walls, temples, memorials, and other big buildings, they can also carry and transport goods on the dock, carrying ores in the mines and carrying stone pieces at the quarry. They could even bring their own drills and open up roads.

Their advantage is a long lifespan. One day of energy recharging can last it for three days.

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