Sealed Edit

Name: Mazu Temple (sealed)

Type: Hidden Class Building

Function: Spread Mazu's faith, enhance the residents satisfaction +20%, enhances the territory’s reputation by 5%.

Features: Sea God’s blessing (Ability of your fleet to withstand storms at sea +40%)

Evaluation: There is a seal in the Mazu Temple, with a trace of weak Mazu gods. Dedicated incense and prayers will help break the seal.

Normal Edit

[1]Name: Mazu Temple

Type: Hidden class building

Function: Spread the faith of Mazu and raise happiness of residents by 30%, raises reputation of territory by 10%

Specialty: Sea God blessing (Navy ships have increased 40% Defence against storms), wind and waves (raise ships' sailing capability by 30%)

Evaluation: Mazu, with the southeast sea as core, spreads the Sea God faith.

Refrences Edit

  1. Chapter 285
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