"According to the military system, a soldier could only be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, leading a platoon of 50 soldiers.

With 10 platoons, 500 soldiers, an unit is formed, led by a major, which requires at least a basic general.

Five units formed a regiment, a total of 2500 soldiers, led by a colonel, which requires at least an intermediate general

Five regiments formed a division, with another 1000 people under the major general, for a total of 13,500 people, which required a advanced general.

4 divisions formed a legion, with 10,000 people under the commanding general, a total of 55,000 people. This was a massive army, and only special generals could possibly command them. If you put a number of legion together in an legion corp, then only a lord or lord-appointed marshal could do the job."

-chapter 19

Normal Unit Types Soldier Commander
Platoon 50 Lieutenant
Unit 500 Major (basic general)
Regiment 2500 Colonel (intermediate general)
Division 13,500 Major General (advanced general)
Legion 70,000 Commanding General (special general)
Legion Corp 140,000+ Marshal (a lord or lord-appointed)
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