Ming Dynasty Firearm Making Manual Edit

The Ming Dynasty firearms had two types. Firstly, handguns and arquebuses; they had small sizes and were usually equipped with iron or lead bullets with a 10 to 200 step range. If converted into meters, the maximum range would be around 200 to 300 meters.

Out of the handguns, the more famous ones included the Three-Eyed Gun, Guaizi Gun, Lianzi Gun, Thunder Gun, and Wulei Shenji. The second type would be the guns fixed onto frames, the large-sized cannons. These cannons would use large rocks, iron, lead, or simply solid bullets as ammunition. A small number of them would be equipped with explosive spherical bullets. These cannons had a range of a few hundred miles to two to three thousand miles. It was mainly used for defence and sieging cities and was used in land, water, and sea battles.

The more famous types of Ming Dynasty cannons were the short barreled mortar, the western style cannon, and the Hongyi Cannon.

Apart from handguns and cannons, there was one more type of firearms—missiles. Missiles included the Cluster Missiles, the Flying Crow, and the Fire Dragon Comes Out of the Water.

Ouyang Shou acquired this manual from his Secret Intelligence Service after they had assassinated the leader of Tianjing City: Hong Xiuquan. He gave it to Research Institute Nr.7 to study the technology. (It is suggested that the Black Snake Guards sent the manual to RI7 Chapter 528)

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