Currently shows NPC data that is known and up to date as of chapter 115.

Mounts Edit

Spirit Beast Tier Edit

Qingfu Horse King Edit

  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Speed: 120 kilometres/day
  • Consumption: 10 units of grain/day
  • Skill: Sentient (the creature is sentient), Lightning Quick(increases movement speed by 50%, lasts for half an hour.)
  • Evaluation: Legends have it that the Qingfu Horse was the child of the ancient god Qingfu and a wild horse. Hence, it inherited the God will of Qingfu and became the most elite warhorse.

Platinum Tier Edit

Elite Qingfu Horse Edit

  • Capacity: 168 kilograms
  • Speed: 84 kilometers/day
  • Consumption: 5 units of food/day
  • Evaluation: An elite of the Qingfu horse, highly suitable for being a general's horse.

Dark-Gold Tier  Edit

Good Quality Qingfu Horse Edit

  • Capacity: 120 kilograms
  • Speed: 60 kilometers/day
  • Consumption: 4 units of food/day
  • Evaluation: The Qingfu horse was the offspring of the ancient green beetle god and a wild horse.

Gold Tier Edit

Exquisite War Horse Edit

  • Capacity: 60 kilograms
  • Speed: 40 kilometers/day
  • Consumption: 3 units of food/day
  • Evaluation: This is a high-quality horse from the northern grasslands, easily able to endure a battlefield.

Silver Tier Edit

Black Iron Tier Edit

Ordinary Horse Edit

  • Capacity: 50 kilograms
  • Speed: 30 kilometers/day
  • Consumption: 3 units of food/day
  • Evaluation: This barely qualifies as a warhorse.

Bronze Tier Edit

Poor Horse Edit

  • Capacity: 30 kilograms
  • Speed: 20 kilometers/day
  • Consumption: 3 units of food/day
  • Evaluation: This can barely be ridden. Absolutely not a warhorse.

Standard Tier Edit


Mount Tiers Edit

  1. Spirit Beast
  2. Platinum
  3. Dark Gold
  4. Gold
  5. Silver
  6. Black Iron
  7. Bronze
  8. No Tier (Standard)
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