Imperial cities Edit

Based on Gaia’s settings, the number of troops housed in the city would be 10% of the population. If a country had more than one imperial city, this number would be split evenly.

After the emperor moved into the imperial city, the soldiers inside would change to the special troops of that dynasty.

China and Its Surroundings Edit

China Edit

  • Chang An (present-day Xi'an) - Tang Dynasty[1]
  • Luoyang - Han Iron Cavalry
  • Quanzhou - Sui Dynasty
  • Xianyang - Qin Iron Army
  • Jianye (present-day Nanjing) - Ming Dynasty
  • Dali
  • Jingdu - Qing Dynasty
  • Chengdu - ShuHan Dynasty
  • Xiangyang - Song Dynasty

Jin Country Edit

  • Huinin

Mongol Empire Edit

  • Karakorum

Tibet Edit

  • Lhasa

Turkic Khaganate Edit

  • Luolan City (present-day Xinjiang)

West Xia Edit

  • Xingqing City (present-day Yinchuan)

ASEAN (South East Asia) Edit

Philippines (Luzon) Edit

  • Manila

Indonesia (Java) Edit

  • Jakarta

Vietnam (Annan) Edit

  • Hanoi

Malaysia Edit

  • Putrajaya

Singapore Edit

  • Lion City 

Zhenla Edit

Piao Country Edit

  • Naypyidaw

Siam Edit

Pacific Edit

Australia Edit

  • Canberra

New Zealand Edit

  • Auckland

Asia Edit

Japan Edit

  • Tokyo

Korea Edit

  • Han City

Europe Edit

Spain Edit

  • Madrid

Lost City of Atlantis Edit

Mysterious city from the depths of the ocean.

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