Nobility Rank Edit

Earth Online divided the titles into five orders: Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, and Duke. Each order had three sub-classes of first, second and third, for a total of fifteen ranks. The first class of merit required 100 points, and each rank after that, the requirement doubled. 

Rank Sub Classes Require MP Achieved
Baron 3rd Class 100
2nd Class 200
1st Class 400 Chap. 5
Viscount 3rd Class 800 Chap.16
2nd Class 1,600
1st Class 3,200 Chap.34
Earl/Count 3rd Class 6,400 Chap.52
2nd Class 12,800 Chap.94
1st Class 25,600 Chap.144
Marquis 3rd Class 52,000 Chap.210
2nd Class 102,400 Chap.281
1st Class 204,800 Chap.429
Duke 1,000,000 Chap.676
Prince 2,000,000
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