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The younger sister of Ouyang Shuo.

She was described as cheerful, cheeky and cute.

In the year 2189, she was 8 years old.

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After coming to Shanhai she became a Little Princess of Shanhai, winning the hearts of everyone around her.

During New Year's Red Packet Snatching Event, she won special prize of 200 000 gold (chapter 351) and platinum rank lottery ticket where she get Wugao Heart Sutra.

It is revealed later on that she can actually speak with Gaia, which is why she is so lucky. She considers Gaia as an older sister and seems to have affinity to her.

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Name: White Wolf (Spirit Beast) ch-290

Level: ---

Skill: Telepathy (Can communicate with all wolf types), Charm (can use its appearance to charm the enemy)

Combat Power: ---

Evaluation: In legends, white wolves were the royalty amongst wolves, they were the descendants of the wolf god and as such have a high position and prestige, the ruler of all wolves.

Name: Ouyang Bing (ch-322)

Title: Nil

Territory: Nil

Occupation: Chivalrous Expert (Side Occupation)

Level: 1

Merit Points: 0/100

Rank: Nil

Reputation: Unknown (0/100)

Bone Structure: 20

Comprehension: 15

Luck: 20

Charm: 20

Command: 5

Force: 5

Intelligence: 5

Politics: 5

Talent: Soul of Nature (Possesses high affinity with spirit beasts)

Cultivation Method: Nil

Skill: Basic Gathering Skill, Basic Diplomacy Skill, Basic weapons mastery

Equipment: Nil

(ch-679) Blue magnetic ohlite was the same type of gem as the one around Ouyang Shuo’s neck.


This magnetic ohlite was one that Ouyang Shuo had specially asked from Kalia; it was an elite blue magnetic ohlite that helped cultivation. Even the chain tied to the stone was made by a special grass in Atlantis, soaked in a mysterious blend for 49 days; it helped to calm one down

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