Permission level is split in 8 levels : SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E and F.

One permission level correspond to someone achievement value each level requier ten time more than the previous.

  1. F require at least 100 achievement value
  2. E require at least 1000 achievement value
  3. D require at least 10.000 achievement value
  4. C require at least 100.000 achievement value
  5. B require at least 1.000.000 achievement value
  6. A require at least 10.000.000 achievement value
  7. S require at least 100.000.000 achievement value
  8. Only gaia have an SSS permission level.

Achievement value can be obtain by 2 way:

  • Based on all the thing than someone own on earth (house, car, computer ...) and his profession which create a first level.
  • Next is by one achivement in Earth Online (from chapter 1147,  everyone can view is permission level composed of these 2 way).
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