Name: Purple Dragon Pattern Cape (God Rank)
Type: Cape
Weight: 2 kilograms
Defense: 80
Toughness: 92
Specialty: Quick Movement (raises movement speed by 50%)
Killing Technique: Defensive Wind (inject primordial energy to activate the cape to form a layer of wind, instantly raising movement speed by 100%, lasts for half an hour. Cooldown Time: 1 month.)

Restricted Occupations: General, Chivalrous Expert, Bailiff
Evaluation: Crafted from dragon leather, nourished by dragon blood, and forged from the flames of heaven; this item can only be used by an Overlord. Drop blood to recognize its master, cannot be traded, cannot be dropped, and can be evolved once more.

Note: Purple Dragon Pattern Cape is a part of the Dragon War set, if one collect the whole set, a set specialty can be activated

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