Qilin Golden Seal Edit

Name: Gold Qilin Seal (platinum rank)

Type: Accessory

Specialty: Ward off devils and spirits (incorruptible and helps to chase away evil), Watch over Nanjiang (the territory under the lord's jurisdiction is not limited to the land area of the territory. The entire Nanjiang will be under the authority of the seal wielder, protected and recognized by the imperial court), Conferred Lord (increases sentiments of people by 10%), Injection of Luck (the Gold Qilin Seal has received the added buffs of two huge titles, guiding the luck and people sentiment into the golden seal to help unseal it. The higher the local sentiment and the larger the territory, the faster the seal will break).

Evaluation: This is a sealed emperor seal. It requires the injection of a country protector Qilin essence to be unsealed. (Currently stores a Red Dragon spirit that formally possessed Liu Bang (Chapter 415))

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