The Qixing Longyuan is a God Tiered Sword, listed 5th on the Top 10 Sword list, it was crafted by Ou Zhizi and Ganjiang , two grandmaster swordsmiths. It was the first god tiered sword to be obtained in the whole Chinese region.

Legend said that Ou Zhizi and Ganjiang, in order to craft this sword, had chiseled the mountain and used the mountain stream water to form the Beidou Qixing beside the smithy furnace. After the sword was formed, looking down on the blade was like looking down from the mountain into the deep abyss, like there was a dragon's den. Hence. it was called Longyuan.

This sword was sold at the second system auction, which was purchased by Lin Jing, the leader of the Snow-War Rose Mercenary Group for a total of 53,000 gold coins.

When Lin Jing (player Snow Rose) obtained this sword, it triggered a series quest which enabled the ten famous swords appearing in the wilderness.

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