Sects are playermade dojo's/places that allows other players to learn techniques without a manual. Their structure and management is free for the creator and other high ranking members of the sect, for example if someone wants to create different tiers of disciples at different costs they are allowed to do that.

NPC's can also join them to make up for a lack of disciples. This allegedly improves their stats and rank.


  • At least 200 gold
  • 500 nominal disciples
  • At least Emperor level technique containing both passive, movement and offensive skills. Does not have to originate from Manuals, can be player made.
  • Land/Location where the sect is established

Exsisting SectsEdit

  • Qingyang Sword Sect, created by Feng Qingyang in Swordsman Township
  • Dongli Sword Sect, created by Jiaqi Rumeng(Song Jia) in Shanhai City
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