He was summoned by Ouyang Shuo from an Emperor Rank Summoning Talisman which he found in the treasure of the Pirate King in Annan.

He was immediately appointed as the fleet admiral of the Jiaozhou Squadron because Ouyang Shou took into account the general's familiarity toward Jiaozhou and Quanzhou when appointing him.

Overview Edit

General Shi Lang possesses rare knowledge and unprecedented brawn. He is accomplished in formations and naval warfare. Proficient at reading the weather while at sea; he is used to naval quests. He dares to speak up when others do not, and he dares to act when others do not.

His position in history always remained a debate.

Shi Lang had changed his allegiance continuously. He worked for the Ming Dynasty army twice and surrendered to the Qing Army twice.

Was he the hero that occupied Taiwan, or was he the villain that kept changing sides?

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