One of the Hidden Buildings in Shanhai City.

Overview Edit

A building focused on prayers. Every half a year, the Lord can spend a certain amount to pray. The gold spent will be relative to the difficulty of the prayer.

Minimum cost of the prayer is 10.000 gold and the highest is 100.000. If the Lord's wish is more expensive than the set maximum, the prayer will fail and the system will automatically deduct minimal prayer cost and the prayer chance for the half a year will be used up.

The building has 4 floors and each has its own symbol:

  1. rice valley - symbolizing the fountain of wealth
  2. weighing scale - to show that riches were accumulated
  3. copper coin - showing that coins and items represented riches
  4. silver ingot - representing the growth of wealth laid in silver and money

At the top of the building was a giant pot-sized gold ingot representing the pinnacle of wealth.

Making a wish Edit

If the player wants to make a wish, first they have to choose one of the 5 categories:

  1. rice valley - agricultural type wish
  2. weighing scales - business related wish
  3. copper coin - culture related wish
  4. silver ingot - technology related wish
  5. gold ingot - other types of wishes

Higher the category, the difficulty would be greater and gold cost higher.

After choosing the category player needs to choose prayer mode:

  • self-decided prayer - player needs to say the wish and try to make sure it doesn't exceed 100.000 gold
  • random prayer - system decides on the prayer; has 100% chance of coming true

Successful prayer is active for one year from making a wish, after a year the buff dissapears.

Random prayer Edit

After choosing a random prayer mode spinning wheel appears. It has 24 randomly generated wishes from chosen category and each wish has specific cost varying from 10.000 to 100.000 gold, depending on difficulty.

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