Daughter of Song family. She was a classmate of Ouyang Shuo.

She was number 4 beauty in the top 10 beauties in Ouyang Shuo's previous life.

Real Life

She was a student from Jiao First High School and was considered a class flower. During that time she had a crush on Ouyang Shuo, because he was the only guy that looked at her with clear eyes. She graduated in year 2180.

She started meeting with Ouyang Shuo after class gathering.

Before the migration Ouyang Shuo defended her from marriage with Yuan Ping.

Earth Online 

Once the word about the true purpose of the game was leaked to the upper class, Song Jia immediately gave Ouyang Shuo a hint about it ignoring the fact that it should still be kept a secret.

Ouyang Shuo was impressed by her goodwill towards him.
He lied to her about him being a betatester and therefore being unable to disclose his ID asking for her ID instead.
After she told him that she was broke ingame he promised to send her some starting gear.

He gave her:
- basic swordsmanship
- basic movement
- basic internal strength
- basic investigation
- Yue Nu Swordsmanship technique

As for equipment he gave her:
- exquisite iron sword (gold)
- leather armor suit (silver)

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