Titles Edit

Titles signify an official position given to the Lord Player by Earth Online. Each given title corresponds to the number of merit points acquired by the player. You need certain titles as a requirement to rank up villages.

Normal Titles Edit

There are five titles, each of them has 3 classes under them.

The titles are (From lowest to highest) Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, and Duke.

After Duke rank, there are new ranks Prince, Son of God

A Baron Third Class needs 100 merit points. The requirements double every time.

  • Baron Third Class - 100 merit points
  • Baron Second Class - 200 merit points
  • Baron First Class - 400 merit points
  • Viscount Third Class - 800 merit points
  • Viscount Second Class - 1,600 merit points
  • Viscount First Class - 3,200 merit points
  • Earl Third Class - 6,400 merit points
  • Earl Second Class - 12,800 merit points
  • Earl First Class - 25,600 merit points
  • Marquis Third Class - 51,200 merit points
  • Marquis Second Class - 102,400 merit points
  • Marquis First Class - 204,800 merit points
  • Duke - 1,000,000 merit points
  • Prince - 2,000,000 merit points
  • Son of God - 5,000,000 merit points

Special Titles Edit

Besides the normal titles, there are also special titles. For now the only known method to receive a special title is getting the Marquis rank as one of the first 10 players. Special titles give no extra benefits.

The first special title we see is Lianzhou Marquis in chapter 210. For now, there are no more special titles


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