Tokens are the artifacts that are obtained by players via completing quests, slaying monsters or successfully eliminating raider camps. Different tokens serve different purposes. Tokens are classified in levels as (from lowest to highest) Copper, Bronze, Black Iron, Silver, and Gold.

Village Creation Token



  • 50% increase in attracting settlers,
  • 20% increase in attracting special talents,
  • 50% increase in crop production,
  • 20% increase in proficiency of production skills of residents,
  • 20% increase in experience for soldiers.
  • Get one Emperor grade Summoning Talisman.

Exclusive: Talent breakthrough success rates in this territory are increased by 10%.

This is a token that can increase territorial strength on all fronts and beyond the normal level of artifacts.

The best Village creation token in Earth Online.



  • 50% increase in attracting immigrants,
  • 16% increase in attracting special talents,
  • 40% increase in crop production,
  • 16% increase in skilled worker productivity,
  • 16% increase in military promotion.

Evaluation: A unique item, cannot be dropped, untradeable



Black Iron

Summoning Token

Summons a historical figure to the city. Level of historical figure depends on the rank of Summoning Token.

Emperor rank

Summons a random Emperor-level historical figure to the Lord's city.

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