Name: War Soldier Code (King Rank Method)

Level: 1 of 9

Stats: For every level increase, bone structure+1, comprehension+1, force+2

Specialty: Fighting Intent (instantly raises killing intent, combat strength doubling, lasting for an hour)

Specialty: Can be taught to a group 0/5000

Cultivation Requirements: Rank 12 War elite soldier, B grade potential.

Evaluation: this is a rare group cultivation technique; it is designed specifically for battlefield soldiers. Using pills to cultivate can speed up the efficiency.

At the back of the secret manual, there was a recipe for a blood pill. Just ginseng, linzhi, shouwu, and other top grade materials numbered no less than five, and the other support ingredients were all top grade too.

The problem was that based on the records of the code, to reach the best cultivation efficiency, each cultivator could only use one pill a month for three years.

Cultivation methods of the Divine Martial Guards

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