Name: Wei Yang (God rank)

Title: Shang Lord

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Shanhai City Resident

Loyalty: Civil servant

Command: 72

Force: 35

Intelligence: 88

Politics: 95

Specialty: Legal System (Raises administrative efficiency by 25%, territory honesty by 30%), Iron-faced (raises prestige by 20%), open and fair (raises honesty by 20%)

Book: Shang Lord Book

Evaluation: Wei Yang, believer of legalism, a strong administrative personnel. Helped the Duke of Qin set up laws to punish the dishonest and protect the weak in a way that balanced the odds. The punishments he set out were based on the severity. He convinced the people to farm, and convinced everyone to focus on that one thing. He used troops to expand the land, the troops were the riches of the country, helping to make the Qin Country invincible.

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