Speaking of Wei Zheng, one would think of the Saint Lord and good minister duo of Wei Zheng and Li Shimin. The two of them molded one another, the Lord becoming a powerful one and the minister becoming a righteous one.

The two of them had a rare bond and tales of their friendship were spread for thousands of years and were the example for people to follow.

Wei Zheng was a really righteous person who did not care who he was speaking to as long as he was right. He was loyal to his moral code and would not give in.

He lost his parents when he was young and lived a harsh childhood. However, he really loved to read and understood many different types of books and different fields of studies. He once became a priest and had also joined the army under Li Mi before.

After surrendering to the Tang Dynasty, Wei Zheng convinced Xu Shiji to surrender to Tang.

After the Xuanwu Gate Coup, Li Shimin recognized Wei Zheng’s bold ability. Not only did he not blame Wei Zheng, but he even let Wei Zheng become an official and question administrative matters. Wei Zheng focused on his task.

Ironically, since ancient times, a frank minister would not receive a happy ending, and Wei Zheng was no exception. Not Long after Wei Zheng’s death, the Tang emperor ordered people to destroy Wei Zheng’s stele and the legacy that he had created.

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