Territory created by Ouyang Bing in the central region of the Ningyuan river and South Mountain. Twenty kilometers east would be the Yazhou Bay. Sixty kilometers to the east was the Five Finger Mountain.

Overview Edit

Created with a silver level village creation token but because of her maxed out Luck it automatically upgraded itself to a gold level.

Treasury: 100 gold coins

Territory Resources: 5000 units of food, 490 units of wood, 500 units of stone, 500 units of iron ore

Territorial army: None

Territory Industry: None

Surroundings Edit

The coast of Yazhou was the famous golden coast; what covered the entire beach area was a natural salt pan. The Northern Salt Fields couldn't even be compared to the Yazhou Shore.

Across the golden cost were the endless Yazhou plains with the Ningyuan river winding throug it like a huge dragon.

The fertile soil of the Yazhou Plains and the presence of freshwater made this a great place for agriculture.

The climate is great for growing rice, sugarcane, potatoes, rubber and coconut.

System Notifications Edit

...system notifications sounded out by Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has chosen you as her guardian, you will have equal rights as her and have control over Yashan Village."

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has high luck, village creation token has upgraded and has become gold rank, congratulations!"

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has extraordinary charm, awarded emperor rank historical general Fan Lihua, congratulations!"

"System notification: Player Ouyang Bing has extraordinary talent, rewarded hidden building spirit beast hall, congratulations!"

What a god, Ouyang Bing was really overpowered!

..from Chapter 344

Name: Fan Lihua

Title: One of the Four Heroines

Dynasty: Tang dynasty

Identity: Yashan Village General

Occupation: Special level general

Loyalty: 80

Command: 75

Force: 80

Intelligence: 78

Politics: 50

Specialty: Smart and courageous (raise morale by 40%), conqueror (raise movement speed by 30%); insight (raise troops Attack by 20%)

Cultivation Method: Xiurong Knife Technique

Equipment: Xiurong Knife

Evaluation: Smart and courageous, beautiful beyond compare, righteous, cares about the large picture, and fights evil with good. A magnanimous woman and a very strong martial artist.

Protectors of Yashan: (ch-386)

Name: Little Green (Spirit Beast)

Home: Yashan Town protector beast

Level: 45

Skill: Slayer (raises fury stat by 85%), Charge (raises combat power by 70%)

Combat Power: 100

Specialty: Deterrence (Raises territory safety by 25%), protector (raises territory defence by 15%)

Cultivation Method: Black Qilin Seven Purgatory Technique

Evaluation: Fierce beast of olden legends; the descendant of the fierce dragon and the black qilin. As a protector beast, its qilin blood can be stimulated, and it can evolve.

Compared to its parents, little green's stats were better. Most crucially, it also had a cultivation method, which showed its potential.

The name of the cultivation method also raised many thoughts and ideas in his mind.

Did this mean that if Little Green trained this technique, it had a chance to become a real Qilin God Beast?

Name: Little White (Spirit Beast)

Home: Yashan Town protector beast

Level: 40

Skill: Telepathy (can communicate with all wolf-type beasts), Charm (Charms enemies with its appearance)

Combat Power: 85

Specialty: Deterrence (Raises territory safety by 25%), Protector (raises territory defence by 15%)

Cultivation Method: Wolf God Manual

Evaluation: Legends have it that the white wolf was royalty in the wolf tribe, and the descendant of the Wolf God. It has a high position among all wolves; they all worship it.

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