Name: Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique Manual (Emperor rank cultivation technique)

Level: 1/12

Attribute: For every level raised, body structure +2, comprehension +1, all acquired stats +1

Specialty: Unique item, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded

Evaluation: Yellow Emperor internal cultivation focuses on building up chi, and is one of the strongest internal cultivation techniques. After completion of training, one's internal chi will be golden in color.

Note: This cultivation technique open the lower Dantian and can be combined with the Yellow Court Internal Scripture and the Nanhua Scripture.

Layer:  Strands of internal strength

1: 100

2: 1000

3: 5000

4: 10000


The breakthrough between the 5 and 6th layer needs the golden internal strength strands turned into a drop of primordial energy

layer: primordial energy

6: 100

Cultivating this technique to the 6th layer give birth to the cultivation method specialty: Way of the king: The cultivation route created by the 3 emperors and 5 kings, raises sensory abilities and gives birth to the aura of a king

7: 500

One must open the Du Meridian to breakthrough to the 8th layer.

8: 2000

Successfully cultivating to the 8th layer of this Cultivation technique give: Bone structure +2, Comprehension +1, all other given stats +1 and make the cultivator reach the 1st stage innate level


Once all the meridians turn gold, it was a sign of completing the 11th layer.


If one's bones turned gold, the person in question would have finished the 12th layer.

Cultivating this technique to the 12th layer give birth to the cultivation method specialty: Earth element: One of the five elements, yellow in color. It is one of the values of the heaven and earth and also that of the emperor, raises interaction between heaven and mankind.

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