Name: Zeng Guofan (God Rank)

Title: Top 10 ministers in history

Dynasty: Qing Dynasty

Identity: Great Xia Cabinet elder

Occupation: Civil Servant

Loyalty: 75

Command: 80

Force: 40

Intelligence: 80

Politics: 98

Specialty: Famous Minister (raises territory honesty by 40%, raises territory efficiency by 25%, raises literary standards 15%, raises territory ruling standards by 30%)

Book: Nine Chapter Law

Evaluation: Zeng Guofan had the ability to read people, using his knowledge to promote talented people. He had great knowledge and foresight, working for the greater good of the public instead of himself, a rare skilled person in history. Although he was not good at fighting, he was able to promote many generals. His plans were really exquisite, which was how he was able to get a group of capable men to sweep the rogues and become the top minister of Zhongxing.

Zeng Guofan was born in a landowner family. Since a young age, he loved to learn. At eight, he could read the four classics and recite the five scriptures. At 14, he could read literary choices like The Rites of Zhou and Records of the Grand Historian.

In the 18th year of Daoguang, he became a Jingshi, becoming the disciple of Grand Council minister Mujangga. Then he became a Cabinet advisor, department of rites assistant minister, the minister of various departments, Provincial Governor, Zhili Province Viceroy, Wuying Hall Grand Secretary, and more roles.

When the Taiping Country started running, he established the Xiang army to wipe them out after many years of battles.

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