Chief of the original Zhao Jiagou village, reserved and dignified, cares for his people, good at agricultural water management.


Zhao Dexian's former Village, Zhao Jiagou Village was quite isolated. Half a month ago, a wounded bandit inadvertently broke into their village. Wihtout knowing that he was in fact a bandit, Zhao Dexian and his fellow villages kindly dressed his wounds and let him stay in the village to recover, but after doing so, he immediately left.

The very next day, his associates came and looted the village. Out of more than three hundred people, only ten of them, including Zhao Dexian escaped. Zhao Dexian and his villagers who escaped suffered greatly in the wilderness for the past days but fortunately,  Ouyang Shuo let them enter Shanhai village and gave them shelter. (This was in conjunction with the system's reward of Ouyang Shuo's establishing Shanhai Village - most likely a background story given by Earth Online).


Name: Zhao Dexian (Black iron)

Identity: Shanhai Village Secretary of Reclamation Division

Occupation: Civil Service|

Loyalty: 85 points

Command: 20

Force: 20

Intelligence: 30

Political: 38

Evaluation: The former chief of Zhao Jiagou village, well-mannered, skilled in village governance, adept at agricultural water management.

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